Welcome To Galaxy

Welcome to Galaxy.

Galaxy is an anthology series of short stories, serial fictions, music and art pieces. It is an attempt to build a galaxy of stories and experiences through art. In a far-flung future of extraordinary travel, limitless technology and countless species the opportunity for storytelling is endless. I want to create living, breathing stories that light up the dark of space.

So here’s how it works.

Vol. 1 consisting of six stories will be released every Thursday over the next six weeks.These will be short stories and glimpses from across the galaxy (the titles can be found on the ‘about’ page). Vol.2 will follow shortly after and follow a fortnightly pattern. The idea of Galaxy is to develop an interaction of forms. Each short story will be accompanied by a soundtrack found in a spotify link at the bottom of the piece, as shown below at the bottom of this entry.

Vol 1. is written by myself, Andrew Ainscough, but as galaxy develops I want to became less of the Author and more of a ‘curator’. From Vol 2. I will be encouraging submissions and collaborations from a range of artists. I see Galaxy as a platform for exploration in science fiction, and for this to be an anthology that challenges the way we tell stories with the same limitless ambition as the genre itself. So if you, dear reader, have any ideas, works or pieces to add, please get in touch.

But for now, plug in those headphones, fire up that warp drive and enjoy.




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