Galactic News: Vol.2 + Submissions.



Hi all, check out the latest updates from Galaxy below.


It’s been a wild ride already right? A big thank you to all those who have been tuning in for our weekly dip into the Galaxy – I hope you’ve had fun. Six short weeks later (7 including the one just gone) we find ourselves at the end of Vol.1. You lovely readers will have had some tantalizing glimpses into this madcap galaxy but there are so many stories to explore. So I am pleased to announce that Galaxy will continue from next week with 6 more stories, in other words here comes Volume 2. The titles, which give virtually nothing away, are as follows:


There’s Something in the Sewer.

From the Realms of Glory

Captain RainCha and the Child Prince

Beep. I. Beep. Love. Beep. You.

The Rubber Mice

Starlight. Camera. Action!


As always, each one will be accompanied by a unique soundtrack. In the last update I claimed that this volume would be fortnightly which turns out to be a lie. These will be released weekly, the first two before Christmas and the rest in the New Year. Happy reading space explorers!



Even before Vol. 2 is released I of course have Vol. 3 in mind. The aim of Galaxy is not for me to just continue on alone, this is a world(s) building project and I want you to get involved for Vol. 3! The beauty of galaxy is that practically anything and everything can be a story – so if you have a burning idea I want to hear it. As with the other volumes there will be six stories, each with an accompanying soundtrack. So if you would like to get involved and write for Vol.3. please send the following to by 31st December 2016:


A title


A brief summation of your story, moment and/or theme


A suggestion of your soundtrack.



If you wish to reuse characters or are unsure about certain aspects of the galaxy please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If your story isn’t right for Vol.3 it may well be for Vol.4 (or beyond!).


Keep Exploring!

All Best,




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