Callout for Submissions

Galaxy is Changing.


From the start Galaxy has been a world building platform invested in creating a living, breathing world through art.


We want everyone to join us in this journey.


I want to introduce a new Galaxy leader, Emma Geraghty, Penguin shortlisted writer and theatre maker with the award-winning Powder Keg. Together we are launching a new format for Galaxy to create a platform for all kinds of sci-fi art. We envisage Galaxy as not just a writing blog but a multi-media platform, to share and promote a diverse range of artists.


Come along for the ride.


If you have writing, scripts, photography, videos, music – anything we want to support you in the creation of it and then help you promote it afterwards.





With this in mind we our opening submissions! We be having our first new-format volume in September and in line with our relaunch the theme will be:




Obviously we’re looking for stories. Short stories or vignettes, planetary descriptions, segments of script – anywhere up to 4,000 words. But we’re also looking for artefacts.




We are looking for examples of anything. This is the space for videos, songs, imagined academia, comics, drawings, art – the universe is your oyster. Small or big anything goes.



Send your submission to by 20th August and we’ll let you know if you’re going to be featured soon after. Please include a title for your work and whatever name you want to be credited under.


You’ll be creating pieces as part of a larger universe. That means:


  • You can use characters from other pieces.
  • You can pick up story threads and keep them going.
  • You can go to previous locations and use them again.
  • You can tell ‘the other side of the story’…
  • You can fill out back stories or mythology.


If you want to try any of the above ideas, then please let us know first. Nobody wants to step on anybody’s space boots. Drop us a message and we’ll help you connect the dots.



Callout for Artist/Illustrator.


We have a specific callout for an artist or illustrator who may be interested in bringing some of our characters and locations to life. Please get in touch for more info.



Welcome To Galaxy.


Millions of Planets. Billions of Lives. Infinite Stories.


Stay Cosmic,



Andy and Emma.




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