Welcome to the Galaxy.

Galaxy is constantly expanding, breathing, interactive collection of stories produced by Andrew Ainscough. It is an attempt to build a galaxy of stories and experiences through art. In a far-flung future of extraordinary travel, limitless technology and countless species the opportunity for storytelling is endless.

Each story will be accompanied by a soundtrack found in a spotify link at the bottom of the piece.

Galaxy is a project, a building with limitless dimensions. He wants you to share in the building of this space.

Please find the titles so far below, and the stories themselves on the main page. Vol. 1 and 2 are written by Andy Ainscough. Vol 3 and beyond welcome a range a writers and artists.

Vol. 1 


Admissions Policy.


Captain RainCha and the Bad Boys of the Purple Moon.

Silent Skies.

The Black Market of the Hapless San Ya.

Vol. 2

There’s Something in the Sewer.

From the Realms of Glory

Captain RainCha and the Child Prince

Beep. I. Beep. Love. Beep. You.

The Rubber Mice

Vol. 3

Bloodshot by Emma Geraghty

Shipwrecked by Andy Ainscough

The Not-Quite Silence of Nightfall by Becky Kinge

Captain RainCha and the Tomb of Dreams by Andy Ainscough

Of Mayfly Men by Chad Bunney

Starlight. Camera. Action! By Andy Ainscough


We are now open for submissions for Vol.4. If you would like to get involved and write for Vol.4. please send the following to galaxyscifi1@gmail.com by 15th April 2017:

            A title

A brief summation of your story, moment and/or theme

A suggestion of your soundtrack.

If you wish to reuse characters or are unsure about certain aspects of the galaxy please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If your story isn’t right for Vol.3 it may well be for Vol.4 (or beyond!).

The Writing Team.



The Captain – Andy Ainscough

Andy Ainscough is a writer and musician from the north-west of England. He enjoys pubs, theatre and all things popular culture. He is currently writing a novel about sheep farming, grief and running away. He want to see himself as a Curator of this project by encouraging many artists to get involved and create a wide reaching gallery of work. Check him out on twitter @andyainscough2




Space Pirate – Emma Geraghty

Emma works as a writer/director with award-winning Manchester theatre company Powder Keg. She has been shortlisted for Write Now Live with Penguin Random House for The Matinee Dog (still writing it, no pressure, totally not panicking) focussing on gender and sexuality in industrial revolution Manchester.

bekcy-picTeleport Sailor – Becky Kinge

Becky is a final year English Language and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University who enjoys drinking wine and writing silly stories about supernatural friendship. She’d currently like to go into publishing or the media, but mainly just wants enough money to provide for her future dog.

chad-picAI Wrangler -Chad Bunney

Chad Bunney is a 21 year old writer from West Yorkshire who is currently spending a few months in Belfast working away on the novel he hopes to get published one day. He is thrilled to have been asked to join Andrew Ainscough’s Galaxy project and hopes that as the project continues to grow he can add a star or two to Ainscough’s collection.