Welcome to the Galaxy.

Galaxy is constantly expanding, breathing, interactive collection of stories. It is an attempt to build a galaxy of stories and experiences through art. In a far-flung future of extraordinary travel, limitless technology and countless species the opportunity for storytelling is endless.

We want to feature artists sharing in characters, stories and locations to create a community of writers that sharing and expanding each other’s already brilliant work.

We are also collating a collection of artefacts. Artefacts can be anything and everything. Music, Comics, imagined academia, illustrations, designs – the galaxy is yours. These can be extensions of existing stories or a project in its own right. Current artefacts can be found on the artefacts page.

Galaxy is a project, a building with limitless dimensions. He wants you to share in the building of this space.

Check out the journey so far in the Galaxy Database.

Submissions and Opportunities:

We are now open for submissions for Vol.5. If you would like to get involved and write for Vol.4. please send the following to galaxyscifi1@gmail.com by 30th September 2017:

            If you wish to reuse characters or are unsure about certain aspects of the galaxy please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If your piece isn’t right for Vol.5 it may well be for Vol.6 (or beyond!).

We are looking for an illustrator to be a permanent member of the Galaxy Team. So if you would like to draw our amazing cast of characters, items and locations please get in touch to join in the adventure.

The Team.


Andy Ainscough

Curator (of the Ea1 Archive)

Andy Ainscough is a writer and musician from the north-west of England. He enjoys pubs, theatre and all things popular culture. He is currently writing a novel about sheep farming, grief and running away and embarking on a PhD in the creative-critical writing. He want to see himself as a Curator of this project by encouraging many artists to get involved and create a wide reaching gallery of work. Check him out on twitter @andyainscough2

gez-picEmma Geraghty

Project Manager (of the Ma1 Scallywags)

Emma is a Manchester based writer working with all things vaguely to do with words. She is a writer/director with award-winning theatre company Powder Keg, and was shortlisted for the Penguin Random House WriteNowLive programme with her novel-in-progress, The Matinee Dog. She is mega excited about Galaxy, obviously because it will get people writing, but mostly because of space and stuff. Find her @patchworkduck (Twitter), giraffety91 (Instagram) and at voicesofwonder.wordpress.com.