Find here the heroes, villains and those who, well, are kind of both. Remember if you want use these characters in a submission ask us and we’ll see of they’re available.

Captain RainCha.

Race: Human+

Planet of Origin: Ma1

The Galaxy’s most unlikely hero. After an unfortunate crash into an unregistered moon, former solider Captain RainCha became symbiotic host to 8 purple energy weasels. They gifted him with super strength, powers of flight and many other powers yet to be discovered. He cruises the Galaxy trying (badly) to stay out of trouble with his best friend Ray. He is a cheeky, sarcastic but loveable rogue. Currently he is on the run from mysterious space-gangster The Owner and keeps acquiring some curiously powerful objects along the way. Check out his adventures so far here, here and here.

Ray the Bonso.

Race: Bonso

Planet of Origin: Corofon

‘RAY THE BONSO: SUPERIOR CROSS GALACTIC COURIER’ – so the advert says. In our time Bosno are still known as Gorillas (a deeply offensive term), by the time Ray is born they have evolved into a highly intelligent and peaceful race distant from the humans they used to share a world with. Ray is a space courier and best friend of Captain RainCha. Meeting on the racing planets of sector 4, the pair often get caught up in lets say, less than legal, services. Never bad though, Ray is always waiting in orbit or on the comm. units to pull on over on the bad guys. A chilled and highly reliable person, Ray has saved RainCha’s life more than he cares to mention. He is currently featured in all the RainCha Adventures

San Ya.

Race: Human (presumed)

Planet of Origin: Sector 6 at a guess.

San Ya, famed and feared as the proprietor of the biggest black market in the Galaxy. She is a tiny but formidable woman and keeps her space station market in line with her loyal assistant the fal-tap Valeirien. From the Sky-Mansions of Ea1 to the slums of industrials outcrops of S6, few haven’t heard her name. It is said if there is something you need, however rare, however lost, San Ya can track it down. She is harshly spoken but has a strict moral code and will always come to the help of her friends when they need it. Her market, whilst a little shady will never play host to slavers or those involved in explotation of the innocent. She has recently taken up an interest in the acquisition of ancient technology with the help of her friend Captain RainCha. Find her here and in the Captain RainCha Stories.

Morven Glass.

Race: Human+

Planet of Origin: Unknown.

Scumbags beware, there might be a price on your head. Bounty hunter extraordinaire, Morven Glass is a force to be reckoned with. Morven’s secret is that she’s a child of Lazarus, a result of experiment that granted her eternal life. But is it a gift or a curse? She’s tough and good at what she does, which is hunting down bad guys for money. But after all the years she lived, who knows how many, perhaps a normal life is the one thing she craves. Morven is our glimpse into the gritty under belly of the Galaxy a place where she both thrives in and despises. But don’t mistake her toughness for lack of heart, Morven is warm and witty with a wicked sense of humour. Check out her adventures here, here and here.

Professor Herbert Zanflip

Race: Walran

Planet of Origin: The Ice-Sphere

Professor Zanflip is one of the most esteemed scientists and academics in the Galaxy. Raised on the Walran home-world of the Ice-Sphere he soon came to prominence with his theory of sub-atomic transport for terrain movement. He is most famous for his invention of the solar system teleport web, which allowed for limited instant movement across Solar Systems. Over the years, if there has been a scientific movement, it is likely that Zanflip had a flipper involved it in somehow. It was said that he even was involved int he failed time-travel tests, that mysteriously disappeared decades ago. The Galaxy mourned his death in the space station crash of The University of Pure Sight. However the Professor lives on, saved by the very creature who caused the crash he is currently developing a rogue world with his friends Fenn, Ter and The Shade. Featured in the Queen Fenn series, here and here.


Race: Fal-Tap

Planet of Origin: Lapartia

Fenn is a fal-tap student from the home-world of Lapartia. As a child she was taken into care after her parents were killed in the terrorist attack on the royal house, the Fal-Tapria. She used her anger at the world to fuel her ambition and eventually gained a scholarship to the University of Pure Sight, recently moved onto a space-station in orbit over a research sight. Fenn was known to the galaxy as one of the many deaths in its crash onto the planet below. However, like her friends Professor Zanflip and Ter, the creature, The Shade, who caused the crash saved her. On the new planet they found themselves, Fenn struggled to forgive The Shade, but after it saved her again, she vowed to put her hate aside and build a new society as long as they answered to her. Ambitious and intelligent, Fenn could become a major player in the new worlds of the Galaxy. Find her journey here and here.

Tabitha Might

Race: Human.

Planet of Origin: Ea1

Tabitha Might is the Empress of the Unified Galactic Sectors, High Minister of Sol1 and ArchBishop of the Last Church of Sanity. She came to power through a series of skilled political manoeuvres during the imbalance and eventual dissolution of the Six United. Tall, hunched and hawklike in appearance she keeps the Empire under close watch. Her ambitions mainly lie in the categorisation and subjugation of Sector 6, the most distant and mysterious planets from the Capitol Ea1.

Pref Terin

Race: Human+

Planet of Origin: Nep1

Pref Terin started out as a child of poor family in the housing reefs of Nep1 with a with brilliant mind. His intelligence would win him a scholarship at the university of Pure Sight, then in its pre space-station days, grounded on Ma1. One day, a rubber mouse appears on his desk. These lead him down a dark path of experiments, eventually discovering a dangerous and unstable form of Time Travel. The experiments sent him insane for starters, but also destabilised his biology meaning he now lives in a state of constant flux, painfully morphing between old and young, alive and deceased. We are yet to see in the Galaxy the effect of this transformation but it is rumoured that he can see through time, and the tales of his soothsaying is spreading… Find his story here.