Planets and Places

Here you can find all the planets and places featured in Galaxy art. Remember if you want to use these places in a submission ask us and we’ll see if they’re available.


Galatic Co-ordinates: 01-01-01-01

Formerly known as Earth, Ea1 is the home-world of the human race and Galactic Capitol. After millennia of overcrowding and overdevelopment Ea1 from space now resembles a huge metal sphere made of lines and circles or chrome, gold, glass and diamond. Huge HoloAds, the size of countries, slowly drift across its surface. Tethered to the surface with energy ties are the sky mansions of the richest and most famous. On the very top, at the north pole is the vast golden senate palace, home to Tabitha Might Galactic Empress. To the majority of the Galaxy Ea1 is a deeply mysterious and feared place, home to powerful and cruel people. Who knows what riches and corruption lie within its artificial surface?


Galactic Co-ordinates: 02-01-01-01

Formely known as Mars, Ma1 is the sister planet of Ea1 and the Empire’s second planet. It is far less built up than Ea1 and plays host to several cultural institutions and locations.   It is home to the University of Pure Sight (until its move), the Institute of Race Relations and the Gregson Park, the HQ of the united empire’s armies. From space it is a lush green planet dotted with pleasing artificial oceans and swirling clouds, it resembles ancient Earth more than its ancient past as the red planet. More open and inviting the the forbidding Capitol, Ma1 is often a traveller or immigrants entry into Sol1.


Galactic Co-ordinates: 03-01-01-01

Formerly known as Neptune, Nep 1 is the wildest and most dangerous of the Sol1 Planets. Originally conceived as uninhabitable, many of the poor and dispossessed of the Galaxy saw their opportunity to be in central space without paying the prices of the two sister capitols. This gave rise to huge housing and industry reefs that surround its surface. They are lines of interconnected space stations and platforms where the poor of the galaxy scratching a living often mining fuel from the planet below.


Galatic Co-ordiantes: 01-01-02-01

The Capital of Sector 2, Lapartia is the home world of the Fal-Taps, a cat like people and the second most powerful race in the Galaxy. It is a small planet but not too overcrowded due to the Fal-Taps history of early space-travel and expansion. It is an important trade route for those on their way to the outer sectors and it moons are full of markets and shopping centres. The Fal-Taps are known for beautiful if not eccentric architecture, one of the greatest examples being the Fal-Tapria, the egg shaped palace of the royal family. After, a huge terrorist attack not eh building a decade ago, the planet have enforced a Fal-Tap only working and living policy on Lapartia. Non-Fal are only allowed to deliver or as esteemed guests.

The Black Market of San Ya.

Galatic Co-ordinates: Formerly 156-78-06-01, Now 56-89-05-01

‘Come. Sell your wares. No judgement.’ The black Market of San Ya is a huge space station home to biggest black market in the galaxy. it corridors are crammed with stalls and shops where you can find all sorts of banned technology and ‘acquired’ goods. It is ruled over by the fierce San Ya, a woman of mysterious origins and dangerous reputation. She has almost no rules apart from that Slavery and exploitation will get you banned for life and she’s not afraid to do it. It is a raucous, cramped, exciting place that would most certainly be banned if most of the government officials didn’t frequent it themselves.

The Siren’s Belt

Galactic Co-ordinates: 35-01-02-01

The Siren’s belt is a stretch of planets in the 02 that were conceived to be the solution to the overcrowding of Sol1. Purpose built cities were constructed across the six planets of the belt for direct population from Ma1. The project came under criticism from universities as both a protection of human biological standards on unknown worlds and a dangerous experiment of human science untested areas. These concerns proved to be correct as when the planets were electrified the power reacted with some undiscovered local chemicals. This resulted in a new life form, a vicious, goo like monster race that morphed from the very stones of the buildings themselves. the project was quickly abandoned as the life-forms took over. The people who were set to move there are still in orbit with no where to go, looking on a the green goo wastelands below.

Salty Joe’s

Galactic Co-ordiantes: 98-50-01-01

Salty Joe’s is a gross dive bar on the edge of the central sector. It clings onto the edge of an astroid belt and is run by friendly Walran Salty Joe himself. It attracts all sorts of questionable characters but none more so than Captain RainCha and his purple weasels. It is said that Salty will sell you race specific alcohol meaning that if you get the wrong shot in your drink who knows? You could become a gas cloud or have your insides melted. But you always know, at Salty Joe’s – you’re going to have a good night.

‘The New World’

Galactic Co-ordinates: 03-12-04-01

As yet unnamed, the new world was the planet chosen by the University of Pure Sight to be moored to in its controversial space station move. It is a barren, dry world and the university claimed that it was unpopulated. However it was proved by the crashing of the space station, that the planet was inhabited by a shadowy, shape-changing race called shades. A shade saved three people from the crash and now together they are building a new civilisation unknown to the rest of the Galaxy…

Blokk and Triisk

Galatic Co-orindates: 24-06-04-01

Both cities on a forgotten outlying planet. Even the tendrils of the capitol barley reach here. Blokk is a rickety, mess of a city, comprised of abandoned shipping container where people have made their homes. The centre has more basic amenities but it is still falling apart. Triisk is further out from the housing-based Blokk. It is a entertainment and gambling den, where those even banned from San’s Black Market frequent.