Find here all the information on the Races that inhabit the Galaxy. Most races are available to use for all submissions, but drop us a message to check if you want to use them.


Humans are one of the most prolific and aggressive races in the Galaxy. Originating from Ea1, now the Galaxy’s capital, they are known to other races to be difficult and often oppressive. Shaped like pink, naked Bonsos other races find them slightly unnerving. Humans seem to be obsessed with expansion and categorising and their empire under Tabitha Might is involved in invading outlying planets and stamping human values upon them. Ultimately humans are known to be fairly unpredictable, and can hugely range in personality and temperament.


Human+ is the category given to any augmented or biologically altered human. These can include humans with increased powers (such a spontaneous lasers or super strength), spliced races and cosmetic genetics. Human+ does not include androids and cyborgs within reason. Human+ or any ambitions to become Human+ is strictly prohibited by the Empire.


Fal-Taps originate from Lapratia and are bipedal cat like people. They are completely covered in fur, of varying colours and have a tail that is often used as a fifth limb. They are the second most prolific race in the Galaxy after humans. They are known to be a deeply intelligent if a little cold as a species. Their royal family gave overall control to Tabitha Might in return for continued leadership of their home planet, a controversial move amongst all Fal-Taps.  Fal-Taps are revered for their cultural prowess and are skilled musicians and artists.


Hailing from The Ice-Sphere, Walrans to humans resemble walking talking Walrus, complete with flippers, bristly moustaches and tusks. They are varied int talent and skills , varying from service work to skilled mechanics and academics. They tend towards scientific excellence and often tend to be relaxed in temperament.


Bonsos are a race that evolved from Ea1’s Gorillas. In the early days of their advancement the humans treated them cruelly and with great suspicion. Eventually the majority of the Bonsos retreated the far Galaxy to escape human persecution and most live at the fringes of Galatic society.


You don’t want to run into Gorbeg on a dark night. They are huge, muscular, grey beings with big, hard hands and tusked folded faces. They work mainly in service in either mercenary or bodyguard work. A less advanced race, they were a race catapulted into Galactic Society by the advancement of the human Empire.


Sonvas are a small blue race from sector 6. They are naturally genderless and have a skill of being able to read other people’s emotions and intentions telepathically. This gift has caused great sorrow for the Sonva as it is highly prized by rulers and kings. It has forced many into underground slavery although some live ordinary lives. Due to their incredible empathy Sonvas tend to be kind and forgiving but often dangerously so.


An ancient mythical race that are said to resemble most race’s vision of an angel. They are rumoured to have laid down the foundations for all technology in the Galaxy and have disappeared suddenly taking their powerful technology with them.


Shades are a mysterious race that are ever more frequently appearing across the Galaxy. They seem to be made of smoke and can travel as such, moving through the air at greta speed. Their faces are said to resemble a twisted scream.


Glooshas are a fish-like race from Sector 5, known to be fierce and war-like they are often politely kept away from the Capitol sector if possible.